Thursday, March 19, 2009


The mountains rise up to greet Him.
Oceans deep - "Bow Low" beneath Him.
Carpets of Green Meadows are His Footstool,
With a Septre of Mercy and Grace - He Rules.

The stars twinkle at his Promises,
And at his command-
The earth turns dust to gold.
All belongs to God.
No greater Power is known!

His Beauty shows throughout this land,
From tender leaves in Spring.
To gentle breezes in Fall
His Mercy is Lovely,
On weary souls that call,

Your Mercy Endures Forever,
O Lord!

As Snowflakes fall quiet
They whisper Your Gentleness,
On all within Your Sight.

The dew of morning shows your Kindness,
All creation gives You Praise!
Another day has dawned in Heaven,
By Grace -
The sun"shining" has Raised!

God is Faithful for Each Season,
As His Word Has Told.
To let us know -

"God is still in Control!"

M. Craig 3/18/09

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Will Sing Praise to the Lord Most High Ps 7:17

Songs dedicated to the PRAISE of our Savior JESUS CHRIST to the GLORY OF GOD THE FATHER through the HOLY SPIRIT! Sing unto the Lord a New Song and His Praise from the end of the Earth. Is 42:10

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